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Interaction with light
Taiga Coffee, Stavropol / 2022

How often do we notice something new or unusual, passing along familiar roads? And most importantly, do we show genuine interest in it? After all, it is our interest that is followed by entertaining discoveries.

The project demonstrates how, thanks to our curiosity, we discover new knowledge.

How does it work?
The installation attracts the attention of passers-by with light animation, but it turns on only for those who show their curiosity and enter the gazebo.
Move around the gazebo, and the light will follow you. Stand facing the wall, raise your hands – this way you will completely turn on the light.

Planetarium 1, Saint-Petersburg / 2022

Planetarium №1, Saint-Petersburg / 2021
Taiga Coffee, Stavropol / 2022

A person, as a social being, has a need and a peculiar attraction to the psyche of other people. But today we see a shortage of live communication. In the age of social networks, it's much easier for us to send a message on Whatsapp, wink on Facebook, than to make contact in person, in particular if it concerns strangers; we would rather search for the right place on the map in a smartphone than ask a question to a passerby. At the same time, it's the live contact that allows you to establish emotional contact, to reveal a person deeper and wider.

Therefore, the main task of the installation is to encourage users to communicate with each other live.
By default, the installation is in playback loop animation mode. Using interactive control, the first user enables the ability to control the installation parameters (intensity, color palette, animation) for another user.

Thus, two people can agree on the principle of operation of the installation, by determining the sequence of enabling parameters at a certain moment.

The installation also demonstrates the power of collective interaction-only through the participation of each user, all the specific features of the installation are fully revealed.